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How It Works

Refer to this diagram for each positions instructions.

Refer to this diagram for each positions instructions.

Dr. Tingey recommends sleeping with the Shoulder Pillow in the following positions to relieve pain, stop snoring, and reduce acid reflux. The numbers on the diagram of the pillow below correspond with the instructions for each sleeping position.


Snug Position

Simply turn onto your side so the shoulder drops into the cutout (#4). Your head is on the headrest (#3) just above the cutout, and most importantly, your side chest wall should rest on the thicker portion of the lower pillow (#5).


On Your Back

It’s easy to change positions, just roll onto your back for a comfortable sleep. Laying on a slight incline keeps acid reflux down. Because The Shoulder Pillow is designed to keep the back and head supported in an anatomically correct position.

  • Your head should rest on the headrest (#1) and your back on the thinner portion of the pillow (#2). The small of your back (lumbar curve) should be at the lower edge of the pillow. Make sure you don’t lie to low on the pillow.


Hug Position

Easily switch sides and slide into the hug position: the arm goes through the cutout (#4) and under the pillow. There is a channel built into the pillow that reduces the amount of pressure on that arm. Again, the head rests on the headrest (#3) and the side chest wall on the thicker part of the lower pillow. The Shoulder Pillow is symmetric and reversible so flip it over to lie on the opposite side.


Lying With Your Partner

Two shoulder pillows can be placed side by side in various configurations to allow you to sleep comfortably with your partner. Experiment to find out what works best for you. We find that putting the two pillows together with the cutouts adjacent works great for snuggling with your partner on your sides and reduces that “dead arm” that you typically get in the middle of the night.



Meet Dr. Craig Tingey: Orthopaedic Surgeon and Inventor of The Shoulder Pillow


Dr. Tingey has decades of experience specializing in shoulder problems. Years of practice and thousands of patients made it apparent that shoulder pain at night was an extremely difficult problem, and no pillow or mattress came close to relieving the pain that shoulder problems cause while sleeping.

Inspired by surgical equipment and beginning with a block of foam and a kitchen knife, he carefully crafted a pillow with an ingenious design that would allow people to sleep in a proper anatomic position. He was awarded a US patent, and now you can experience a new level of restful sleep with a pillow unlike any you have ever owned.