The Doctor-Designed Pillow for Shoulder Pain Relief

The Perfect Anatomy Shoulder Pillow makes perfect sleep possible. The innovative design relieves shoulder pain, back pain, neck pain, heartburn, and relieves snoring. Sound like a dream? Try it today risk-free— we offer a 100 night money back guarantee!


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Innovative Design by Orthopedic Surgeon, Craig Tingey, MD


Dr. Tingey is an experienced orthopedic surgeon specializing in shoulder problems. Years of practice and thousands of patients made it apparent that shoulder pain at night was an extremely difficult problem for many of his patients, and no pillow or mattress came close to relieving the excruciating pain that shoulder problems cause while sleeping.

Inspired by surgical equipment and beginning with a block of foam and a kitchen knife, he carefully crafted a pillow with an ingenious design that would allow people to sleep in a proper anatomic position. He was awarded a US patent, and now you can experience a new level of restful sleep with a pillow unlike any you have ever owned.


Powerful + Therapeutic Pain Relief

Regular pillows cause you to sleep in cramped, awkward positions, causing neck problems, back pain, and shoulder impingement. With the Shoulder Pillow, you’ll sleep in a proper anatomic position— every night— which means less pain, taller posture, better sleep, and more energy to do what you love.



Say Goodnight to Snoring and Heartburn

The Shoulder Pillow is designed to keep your head elevated with your back supported and aligned. This keeps your airways open, which can prevent snoring and acid reflux.

After the first night it was obvious this was the solution I had been searching for, I felt rested and my shoulder and neck pain were gone. The design of this pillow is beautifully simple, yet exceptionally effective.
— John C. (verified customer)


Melt into Memory Foam

•super soft, hypoallergenic, bamboo pillow case with microsuede sides is removable and washable

•made with high quality memory foam and a polyurethane core, making it perfectly cushioning, lightweight and resilient

• clever design is reversible for either shoulder, just flip it over


Sleep tight. In any position you’d like.

The Shoulder Pillow contours nicely to the lumbar and cervical curvatures of the spine. As you turn on to your side, the shoulder easily falls into the cutout of the pillow, while the chest wall and head are comfortably supported.



Pregnant and want better sleep?

The Perfect Anatomy Shoulder Pillow is great for pregnancy! Sleep elevated, on your side, without hurting your shoulder.